Kyle Busch gets called out for being a whiner

 “Bowman used the same exact strategy that Kyle did. but did it better”- Kyle Busch gets called out for being a whiner

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch certainly wasn’t a pleased man following the Pennzoil 400 on Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Busch threw some pretty strong expletives towards the eventual race winner Alex Bowman, The 36-y-o and his teammate Truex Jr. were head to head for the victory until the 12th caution of the day ended their hopes.

Announcer for Motor Racing Network, and host of Sirius XM Speedway on Sirius/XM NASCAR Radio Dave Moody called out Kyle Busch for being whiner after Alex Bowman used the same exact strategy that Kyle did. but did it better to win the race in Las Vegas.

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If my crew had stayed up all night long, eight hours of work to turn a parts car that was never meant to touch the racetrack into a car, that was clearly capable of winning yesterday’s race. My first thought after crossing the finish line and I know this makes me so far away from being a professional athlete, that it’s a country mile. Said Moody

But my first thought after coming across the Under The Checkered Flag, would have been guys, You did a hell of a job i appreciate you i know how hard. I know that you are busting your asses all night long when I was in the motor home having a little you know, cp9 night and I appreciate you, I don’t care where we finish today. You guys did a hell of a job.

Kyle Busch was not able to reclaim the lead as his HMS rivals Alex Bowman and Kyle Larson kept their places safe with the No.48 coming out victorious and Busch finishing in a disappointing fourth place by his standards.

Moody Continued: But instead Kyle Busch goes off on Alex Bowman who ? let’s just do the math here is now a seven-time Nascar Cup Series winner. Yeah I know Kyle Busch has more wins, but the premise that Alex Bowman has somehow walked into seven, Nascar Cup Series wins is A ludicrous and B insulting to Alex Bowman in his team Bowman has five wins since the start of last season that’s more than Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin combined.

So if he’s a hack and he’s the same f***ing guy who backs into every f***ing win that he ever happens. If all of those things are true, how come he’s won ,ore races than both of you. If Alex Bowman truly did back into the win yesterday and I don’t think he did, but let’s just say he did.

Let’s just say that Kyle’s, right? How do you explain the fact that Kyle didn’t just get beaten by Alex He got beaten by Bowman Larson and Chastain who used the same exact strategy that Kyle did. but did it better. So, how is this? How does Kyle in just a brief flash of Common Sense? how do you look at that? and say we finished forth because we got screwed

“I got called clear, and he wrecked us.” Christian Eckes after his ex-boss Kyle Busch wrecks him at Las Vegas

By the time media crew caught up with him on pit road for his post-race interview, Busch was much more calm than before and responded adequately.

“It’s true testament to everybody at Joe Gibbs Racing. Really appreciate the No. 18 guys, my guys. But also the Nos. 11, 19, and 20 – all of them, for coming over, pitching in. Everybody had a hand in being able to make us go today,” Busch said.

“I really appreciate that. Great (car) today. Was good (and) fast there at the end.”

“I don’t know what it was. But anyways, wasn’t meant to be, not our day, see you next week.”

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8 thoughts on “ “Bowman used the same exact strategy that Kyle did. but did it better”- Kyle Busch gets called out for being a whiner”

  1. Kyle Busch is a whiny 6 th grade schoolgirl . I don’t know how he keeps sponsors because he is so unprofessional. Busch needs to realize NASCAR doesn’t need him, he’s a spoiled little punk

  2. I also wonder why a good christian man like Joe Gibbs puts up with Kyle Busch. He whines about everything . I’ve lost my respect for Joe Gibbs . I didn’t lose my respect for Kyle because I never had any. Go Hendrick’s

  3. Sorry you got that all wrong Mr racing is Kyle Busch where would Nascar be without Kyle Busch ????

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