Joey Logano on the feud between Hendrick Motorsports drivers

“It’s awful. If I’m being honest” – Joey Logano on the feud between Hendrick Motorsports drivers

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Joey Logano is certainly a driver who knows what it is like to have teammate drama within the camp. He’s been invovle just a year ago with his former Penske partner Brad Keselowski after a catastrophic ending at the Daytona 500

Hendrick Motorsports teammates Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson made contact at Fontana from which Elliott came off worse of the two while the defending champion Larson went on to win the race.

During a appearance on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio Team Penske driver Logano spoke about the team dynamic and subsequent drama within team Hendrick has the potential to destroy the team if they don’t fix it soon.

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It’s tough, and it’s awful. If I’m being honest, it is the worst when you have teammate drama. I hate being in drama anyways, but I’m in it because I race hard, and I try to win. But I don’t like it, and when it’s with a teammate, it’s even worse because you can’t get away from it. You have to fix it. You just have to. I don’t know how, but you have to because your teammates,” Joey Logano said.

Hendrick is not one team anymore. There are two sides. Until they can fix it, there’s the 5, and there’s the 9. And everyone is forced to pick aside. It’s like when your friends get divorced…And everyone is going to see it in different ways. And that will destroy a race team quickly. Point blank. It will,” Joey Logano added.

“Because now everyone’s got their own opinion. Everyone’s talking about each other behind each other’s back. Now it’s a big competition internally of who’s going to beat who. You better get them back or not get them back. You got to move forward. Everyone’s got an opinion on this thing and you’re not talking about race cars anymore. You’re talking about high school drama. That’s what it goes to. It’s awful. I’ve been through it. It’s just not fun.”

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The 31-y-0 Connecticut native acknowledge that conflicts, which NASCAR fans love, is also part of racing. Logano said fans should really enjoy the 2022 Cup Series season not just because of the newly introduce Next Gen car, but because that car is going to produce more feuds for the simplest of reason.

“It’s going to happen a lot this year, I think, because these cars are very much the same. Even from team to team, but internally, the cars are identical for the most part,” Logano said.

“It might be a couple of little setup changes and might be a little better here or there, but we’re going to be racing each other a lot. I’m going to be racing my teammates a lot this year. I know that already. And how that all works and plays out, who knows, but we’re probably going to be racing for wins a few times this year.”

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2 thoughts on ““It’s awful. If I’m being honest” – Joey Logano on the feud between Hendrick Motorsports drivers”

  1. I think chase and Kyle will talk this over, as matter of fact Mr Hendrick won’t let it spill over.

  2. who gives a rats A** what opie thinks he causes more drama than anyone kyle and chase will be fine this time they both know stuff happens now that being said if it happens again especially kyle doing to chase then all bets off game on

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