Austin Dillon daringly calls out NASCAR for not solving flat tire issues with Next-Gen

Austin Dillon daringly calls out NASCAR for not solving flat tire issues with Next-Gen

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NASCAR fans who were pessimistic about Next-Gen before its introduction was appreciating the performance produced in the new car.

However, following two races NASCAR fans and drivers are not happy about the Next-Gen tire issues which are costing teams crucial victories or point finishes.

Earlier this week during a interview with reporters, Austin Dillon said thos Next-Gen e flat-tire issues, which led to delays and raised frustration levels from both drivers and fans, sadly, won’t be going away anytime soon and called out NASCAR for not solving the flat tire issues with Next-Gen cars earlier.

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Right now, the best choice for NASCAR is to help the teams as much as they can to keep it as simple as possible. Our guys are working their tails off right now just to get the cars to the track. They’re exhausted,” Austin Dillon said

Any type of change like that just puts a new load on them to try and come up with setups and change the cars. I don’t think that change is going to happen right away, especially when we’re on this West Coast Swing,” Austin Dillon said

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Austin Dillon spoke about his performance last week at Fontana and what NASCAR needs to do about the flat-tire problems, which have become a major issue with the new car.

“There’s been some good ideas I think thrown out there, but they’re time-consuming and could set you back in other areas,” he said. “It should have been done before, but we’re in it now. It’s something that we’ll get fixed and we’ll just have to be patient with it and in the meantime enjoy the good racing.”

Richard Childress Racing missed out on a victory in last weekend’s Auto Club 400 at Fontana after their drive Tyler Reddick had to bail out due to a  flat tire after leading 90 laps in the closing stages of the race.

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