"we can’t fail. we can’t be out of business in a couple years" - Denny Hamlin open up about MJ 23Xi Racing Motto

“we can’t fail. we can’t be out of business in a couple years” – Denny Hamlin open up about Michael Jordan 23Xi Racing Motto

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Basketball legend Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin formed the 23XI Racing team last season. However, both of them set up some challenging targets for the team and driver Bubba Wallace.

The controversial NASCAR driver Bubba stormed to a debut win at the Talladega Superspeedway, in his home town. Now, 23XI Racing wishes to become bigger than expected. Denny Hamlin spoke about Michael Jordan motto and why the 23XI project is so important to them.

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He said, One of the things that was very important to him and his brand is that we can’t fail. We can’t be going out of business in a couple years. We’ve got to be in this for the long haul. And so, building something slowly but surely, that is the strategic way we’re trying to go about this.”

Denny accepted the risk of entering business partnerships with friends.

 “They bring something to the team that we can use to help, whether it be selling sponsorship, the staff that they have at the Charlotte Hornets — we utilize a lot of them. So, it really works out well with this partnership. I bring help on the competition side. They bring a lot of help on the business side.”

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After just one season in operation, 23XI Racing decided to expand to a two-car team with Kurt Busch as their second driver.

Michael Jordan And 23Xi Racing will be hoping for more of those celebratory phone calls in the future. And Hamlin plans to continue the friendly phone calls he has gotten from Jordan for years.

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