Kevin Harvick takes first dig at Chase Elliott to "stir the pot" heading into 2022 Season

Kevin Harvick takes first dig at Chase Elliott to “stir the pot” heading into 2022 Season

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Stewart-Haas Racing Kevin Harvick didn’t waste any time to take a dig at HMS driver Chase Elliott heading into start the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season.

Since the Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick feud started at the Cup Series night race at Bristol in September, the SHR driver has consistently been the one to bring up the conflict and comment about it, including remarks he made back in November on the Dale Jr. Download.

Elliott and Harvick made contact that cut down Elliott’s tire late in the race at Bristol, leading to him pulling back out in front of Harvick when he returned to the race and impeding Harvick’s progress to the point that his HMS teammate Kyle Larson was able to close in and take the victory.

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After biding his time waiting for the perfect opportunity, Harvick dished out payback on Lap 55 by punting Elliott in Turn 7, fiercely damaging the rear of No.9 car and puttting his chances of advancing to the next round of the playoffs on the line.

The 2022 Cup Series season began on Sunday and there has been no official word on whether or not the two ever talked. Following Kevin Harvick interview with Tony Stewart on the Daytona 500 prerace show, it’s clearly obvious they have not.

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When Stewart questioned Harvick about today’s racing between other generations, the 46-y-o didn’t hold back and indicated that the younger generation of drivers doesn’t think or race smart like he initially suggested to Elliott back at Bristol, and more notably, they just don’t care.

“I have a better perspective of that and a lot of that has probably come from Keelan,” Harvick said. “A lot of these kids when they come through go-karts, it’s hammer down. They’re so focused on push-push-push, that they don’t know how to think-think-think. That’s been good for me to able to push myself in order to just not care because they just don’t care. And I can not care, too.”

“Sometimes you just got to be willing to say, ‘Ok screw it. I’m going to shove both of us into the fence right there and you’re going to remember that it can happen.’”

What exactly Kevin Harvick meant in his final statement is not clear. Maybe it’s something to look forward to with eager anticipation of events in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin Harvick takes first dig at Chase Elliott to “stir the pot” heading into 2022 Season”

  1. Kevin wants to be like Kyle Busch who is the most hated driver ever. He believes people like assholes and it will make him popular when its the opposite. If he continues this attitude others will take him out .I
    used to be a Kevin fan but he chooses to be this way trying to take the popularity away from chase and that won’t happen……………

  2. apparently he hasn’t grownup! Seems Keelen has more sense than him. Between Kevin,Brad and Kyle Busch just maybe all of them should take the attitude class. Sad to start the season in a pissy mood and not think about the big picture of safety and winning without the goal of putting others out or even hurting them or worse. It’s a damm race and not a way of taking out your frustrations for what ever reason.

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