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Well, the NASCAR season has officially started, I guess. Seeing cars on the track was nice. Let me pick that apart, a little bit.

Cars. Technically true, however, remove all the decals, set the three “manufactures” representations side by side and take a look. How many would be able to decipher a Ford from a Toyota or a Chevy? I would guess, not many.

Track. Setting here 24 hours post-race, writing this, I am wondering, is that “track” even still there?
Don’t get me wrong. It was racing. On a piece of asphalt. But, in a football stadium. In a market that has trouble keeping a professional football team there for more than 10 years. Catering to a crowd that thinks Prius’ should be included in this sport. (What’s scary is, I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to have that in the works.) How many of these Pitbull and Ice T fans are going to now buy tickets, because of this event, to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, or Sonoma, or Pheonix, or Las Vegas, for that matter? I doubt many.

I am sure to many, this was very exciting, and I appreciate that. However, I am not a fan of Heat Racing at this level. (If you blinked, you would have missed half the heat.) A halftime suedo concert? Mariachi Bands? Quite frankly, it made me sad, the whole days’ worth of events.

I liked Speed Weeks, in its entirety, being in Daytona. But, If they are determined to switch it up, how about they take the investment (Dollars) spent at “The Coliseum”, and go back to North Wilkesboro or Rockingham, or any town USA with a delipidated track in need of funding and revamping. With that kind of coin, an investment that large, it would, in my opinion, been better placed in a community(s) that are craving getting NASCAR back. They would have supported, remembered and appreciated it a lot more.

So, to wrap it up. I, personally hope that they don’t do this again. I hope that NASCAR reevaluates this debacle. Takes their money, if they choose to not have the Clash in Daytona, and show some deference to a loyal following, a loyal community, and a thankful community. Make it a lottery, or a fan vote for the location. Change it up every year. Reward a community and Fan base, if this is what we are going to do. At least do the upgrades for a community that will appreciate it and use it, not tear it down, 24 hours later.

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