Kyle Busch completed sensitivity training required from using r-word

Kyle Busch completed sensitivity training required from using r-word

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NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was ordered to undergo sensitivity training before the start of the 2022 campaign for using an insensitive term during an interview at Martinsville late last year.

Busch used word against Brad Keselowski after race at Martinsville

Busch was upset about being hit by Brad Keselowski as his rival made a last ditch move to pass him on the final straight.

According to Bob Pockrass, FOX Sports reporter NASCAR confirmed today that Kyle Busch has completed sensitivity training required from using r-word last year November.

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Busch later tweeted, “In one of my post-race interviews I used a word I should never use and I want to apologize for it,” but the series said the language violated its conduct guidelines.

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4 thoughts on “Kyle Busch completed sensitivity training required from using r-word”

  1. Nathian DaVault

    People need to stand up to this stupiness.
    If it’s against rules, then apologize and let it be or fire him.
    “Sensitivity Training”, no it’s some fat person with colored hair receiving money for a fake class. NOBODY WHO ACTUALLY WATCHES NASCAR, CARES ABOUT THESE S POLITICAL CORRECT D.

    1. “Some Fat person?” That means it can be any NASCAR fan apparently. Maybe you need to go see that “fat guy”!

  2. Pretty sad that, as adults, we are reduced to saying things like “he said the “r” word”, even though it is wrong to name call someone with it, I think writing or saying it should still be acceptable. It makes more sense to just say the word you are referring to, especially since you wouldn’t be using it in the context of demeaning anyone, instead, you are telling others about the what and why of your story, then having to refer to words by an initial only, and besides, we are adults. Otherwise, I believe, we will soon be saying things like “that “m” called that “w” an “f”, or vice versa, lol

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