Kyle Busch new sponsor

Kyle Busch in search of NASCAR sponsor that allows Kyle to be Kyle

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For the first time in his career with Joe Gibbs Racing, Kyle Busch will have to work with another primary sponsor than M&M’s. 

Given that the two-time Cup champion worked with them since joining JGR in 2008, it will be a big change and an important one in Busch’s career.

“It’s very unfortunate for us and for M&M’s also, I feel like,” Kyle Busch told FOX Sports. “We just have to go through with whatever happens next.”

Busch is a person with a lot of character on and off the pitch. And one thing about him is that sometimes he lets his emotion get the better of himself and gets his team in trouble. One such incident was him driving through a cone after a crash and landing a $50,000 fine.

So, the next sponsor will take that part of Busch into account before signing with the team. And Busch hopes that the new sponsor will let him be himself just as M&M’s did.

“M&M’s has been a great sponsor,” Busch said. “Obviously, they allow me to be me a little bit more, gave me some leniency maybe than some others might.”

“In a new sponsor search, you would look for someone that is kind of around the same way. But anything is possible, and we’ll just have to see who that next company is.”

It is not the contract with M&M’s that is set to expire about also Busch’s contract at the end of the 2022 season. JGR has clearly indicated that they would like to keep Busch beyond that. But Busch said that it is too early to go into negotiations.

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