Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks out against NASCAR Hall

Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks out against NASCAR Hall of Fame policy, makes them change it

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While Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the inductees in the NASCAR Hall of Fame this year, he doesn’t like some things about their policies.

The policy that is is speaking against is about another inductee, Mike Stefanik’s widow, not being allowed to give a speech on the occasion. In two tweets, Dale Jr spoke about how he found out about his policy and that he advocated for NASCAR to bypass the rule.

“NASCAR Hall of Fame ceremonies are around the corner and one of the inductees is the late racing legend Mike Stefanik. His wife Julie wrote a speech for his induction. Celebrate Mike by reading her thoughts on what the moments means to this family.”

“I’ve learned it’s Nascar HOF policy that individuals enshrined posthumously are celebrated throughout the weekend with exception of someone giving a speech during the ceremonies. I advocated for them to consider bypassing this rule for Julie. I hope they allow her some time.”


Well, Dale Jr.’s advocacy gave results as NASCAR Hall of Fame executive director decided to allow Stefanik to speak on the occasion.

After the decision, Dale Jr. spoke about his role and NASCAR’s decision to change the rule.

“I saw some other folks speak up about it and bring it to my attention and I was just chiming in to the conversation with any support that I could give especially being one of the inductees.

“It would have felt very uncomfortable and awkward for me to not be able to experience her sharing her emotions and feelings about it. I’m glad that they are going to allow her to do that.

“I’m glad that they’re going to allow that to happen and I think it’s going to make the whole experience for everybody better having her as a part of it.”

Dale Jr. has always been an influential figure and this time again he showed his influence for the right decision.

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