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Kyle Larson doesn’t want the big screen at the Chili Bowl

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Kyle Larson is of the opinion that the big screen at the Chili Bowl should not display the race after it starts.

The two-time consecutive winner of the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals actually attributes his last year’s win to the big screen. More specifically, it was the ability to look at the big screen while leading the race.  He even admits that had it not been for this technology, Justin Grant should have won the race.

While the driver did win with the help of the big screen, he doesn’t find it right to display the race after the race go green.  Recently, he again advocated his wish to stop showing the race in the big screen after the race starts.

“I think everybody knows my views on big screens and like, what’s the point, right,” Larson said on Tuesday. “Like, is anybody in this building watching the big screen during the green flag runs besides us? No.

“So why are we showing racing? I mean, during the intermissions and breaks? Yeah. Throw your sponsors up there, throw your cool videos up. And once it goes green, just leave the Chill Bowl logo on there. Again, what’s the point? It doesn’t help the racing that’s for sure.”

Larson is not the only driver against the big screen. Christopher Bell said that it has made “Midget racing into defensive racing”. Bell said that since the camera focuses on the leader, the leader can then get into defensive mode when the second-place driver is spotted on the big screen.

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