Dale Earnhardt Jr. Net Gen car

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on one particular thing that makes Net Gen car difficult to drive

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Next Gen car comes with a lot of promises of improvement, but it will also bring about difficulties for drivers and teams in adapting to the new generation cars.

The car is finally going to be introduced in the Cup Series from the upcoming season, with the aim of improving the racing aspects of the sixth generation cars.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. got some taste of Next Gen car as he replaced Kyle Larson, who is competing in the Chili Bowl Nationals for the latest testing. After the test, Earnhart Jr. spoke about the aspect of the car that will make it most difficult to adapt to.

“The racket pinion steering is probably the one thing that’ll be the most difficult to get used to. It’s so much different from the old style, the car steers really fast. You might turn the wheel quite a bit to go around the corner, or try to get a car to side-draft. I’m very surgical with the steering wheel now, very small movements to make the car do a lot. So you can’t get real crazy with the steering wheel, because the car’s just going to take off and start darting around.”

This is probably the reason the 2022 Cup Series season will be one of the most entertaining seasons of recent history. It will be interesting to see how drivers and teams will adapt to this new engine.

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