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Popular TV shows draws the ire of NASCAR fans over wrong information on Dale Earnhardt Sr

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Nobody likes to have facts manipulated, and not especially if it is about a legend that you admire a lot.

And arguably the best driver in NASCAR history, Dale Earnhardt Sr. certainly has a huge number of followings and respect. And while as a fan you are allowed to make mistakes or not remember fans, but if you are running a successful TV show, it is necessary that you do your work to get all the facts right.

However, the reality TV show Pawn Stars got this horribly wrong. In an episode where one of Dale’s racing suits was up for sale, they ended up putting the wrong information. In their fact box, it read:

“Born in 1951, Earnhardt was killed instantly in a collision during the final lap of the 2001 Indy 500”.

Attributing a racing discipline far different from what the seven-time NASCAR champion practiced, especially in the time of his death, irked a lot of NASCAR fans and they were very vocal in their criticism about the TV show.

The criticism of the fans is rightfully justified. Earnhardt Sr. is not just some driver but the best in NASCAR history. And even if it is about the lesser-known driver, it is the duty of the media to give the right information and get their facts checked.

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