NASCAR end of the Gen 6 era

NASCAR fans lament the end of the Gen 6 era

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The Gen 6 car’s era is finally coming to an end as NASCAR decided to replace it with the Next Gen car.

The Gen-6 era was supposed to end after the 2020 season but due to the COVID pandemic, it survived one more year. However, the car that was used from 2013-21 will now be finally replaced by a newer generation sadly.

While Next Gen car comes with a lot of promise to make the racing even better, many will miss the Gen 6 cars and the memories associated with them. Many fans poured their emotions over rthe Gen 6 car on Twitter.

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Some of the fans lamented about the splitters on the underside of the cars.

While since the car was around since 2013, it is only normal to have sentiments about it. And it also shows that fans are not only concerned about drivers but the cars used in the series.

But unfortunately, it is now time to let go of the Gen 6 and welcome Next Gen car. With time, there will be a lot of memories to cherish with the new generation cars and some exciting racing is on the way soon.

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