Kyle Larson NASCAR victory celebrations

Kyle Larson on his NASCAR victory celebrations got him in trouble

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Kyle Larson spoke about his once-controversial NASCAR victory celebration and the inspiration behind it.

The 2021 champion has won 16 Cup races in his career and 10 of those came in the 2021 season. So, especially this season, he had a lot of opportunities to do his famous victory celebration.

What the Hendrick Motorsports driver does is that while making the donuts, he removes the steering wheel and shows it to fans from outside his window, while the car keeps on spinning in circles.

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Early on in his career, Larson got into trouble for doing this celebration but it is now considered okay to do so. Larson spoke about this celebration and how he got the inspiration to do it.

“I kinda stole the idea from my sister’s ex-boyfriend,” Larson stated via a NASCAR Q&A on social media.

“We used to race karts and stuff together, a long time ago. He had the awesome victory celebrations where he would do crazy fast donuts and hold the wheel outside the car.”

“I just thought that was cool. And nobody had done it yet, in NASCAR.”

“When I got to NASCAR, I started doing it. Then, got in trouble a couple times. Stopping doing it for awhile.”

“Doing it again,” Larson concluded.

While Larson had a lot of chances to do his celebration this season, whether he will have equal opportunities to do so in the next season remains to be seen. But if he can pull off this level of success next season too, then he will not be far behind in the conversation for one of the best drivers in the Cup Series history.

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