Clint Bowyer punches Ryan Newman

“Probably the Only Time That I Ever Really Let Myself Go” – Clint Bowyer on his row with Ryan Newman

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Clint Bowyer revealed the time he lost his nerve against Ryan Newman after the race due to the on-track incident between the two drivers.

In NASCAR racing, there are a number of times your emotions are tested, and drivers have to keep their calm and think with a cool head. The drivers at the top tier are good at doing this. But there are times in every drivers’ career when they lose their cool and the effects of the emotions on the race track are seen even after the race.

That one incident for Bowyer was with Newman in an All-Star race. The incident was Newman car hitting that of Bowyer, thereby making the latter spin and hit the wall. Bowyer recently revealed his emotions during that time.

“We got together on a racetrack and things happen, right?”

“Probably the only time that I ever really let myself go, that I didn’t care like I was so pissed off, I didn’t even know my helmet was off,” he continued.

“With Ryan Newman, after the race, because honestly, it scared the crap out of me.”

After the race, Bowyer came to Newman’s car and repeatedly threw punches at Newman.

“I lost it. I went completely out of my mind and next thing I know, some…guy has a hold of me and he got me…off my feet,” Bowyer continued.

“And I was like, rock’em-sock’em to Ryan Newman through the window.”

In the same podcast, Bowyer also revealed that he has never found racing as a living as fun, but only the times when he won. He also said that “nobody alive in the human form that likes practicing” for races.

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