2022 rules package for Next Gen car

NASCAR drivers praise the 2022 rules package for Next Gen car

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Many NASCAR drivers and teams took to social media to praise the 2022 rules package for Next Gen car.

After a year delay, the Next Gen car is finally going to appear in the NASCAR racing from the 2022 season.

The Next Gen car received a good amount of criticism from many drivers during the testing phase. There were some doubts that the new package would be to most NASCAR drivers’ liking. But such doubts have been calmed now with many drivers and teams applauding the 2022 baseline rules package for the Next Gen car, which will see the use of  4-inch rear spoiler for downforce and will use engines with 670 target horsepower as a baseline.

This will be used for road courses, short tracks and intermediate-sized circuits during the 2022 season and the rules package for superspeedway will be announced in the future.

It is very positive news for all the concerned parties regarding the Next Gen car. It seems that 2022 season will be one of the most exciting season in the recent history.

“That’s what it’s all about when you get to a certain level in your career” – Bubba Wallace on giving back to communities

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