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Larson hoping to get opportunities to race in other racing disciplines, including F1

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Kyle Larson is hoping that in the years to come, he will have opportunities to race in other racing disciplines.

The 2021 champion is already a very versatile driver in the Cup Series, with his dirt racing exploits well known by now. Add to it the 10 Cup Series races that he won, including the championship, Larson is already a very accomplished driver.

But his insatiable desire for racing is not fulfilled with just dirt racing and NASCAR racing. He looks at some of NASCAR great who changed discipline while also winning wherever they went and desires to be in the same category. Larson said:

“I think of Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Tony Stewart and Parnelli Jones, who could win in any type of vehicle. I want to be in the same category as them someday and it’s important for me to race a lot of different cars and to be competitive in those cars.

“Hopefully, I will get opportunities to venture out of what’s comfortable to me and show well. I just really enjoy the challenge of learning something new and trying to learn it quickly and be competitive.

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Recently, Larson attended the final race of the F1 season in Abu Dhabi and it has further increased his desire to try his hands on F1 racing in the future. But he also understands that his desire is not realistic, given the various hurdles that need to be overcome.

“I don’t know, who knows?” he says of the possibility. “I’m still only 29. So it’s definitely a dream.

“I would love to just get the chance to drive one. Down the down the road if it was somehow was more realistic, I would entertain it, but it doesn’t ever seem realistic because of the way that FIA is and the superlicence [points].

“And I’d have to put all of my other racing on hold to really try and try and make it so it’s probably not realistic. Probably just a car swap would be more realistic to try, but I would love to drive one.”

In fact, he has a lot of years ahead of him to try out different disciplines. For now, he is concerned with championing the Cup Series. Next season will be another test with the Next Gen car. Will Larson be as dominant next season?

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