Bubba Wallace relationship with Kurt Busch

“We Are Teammates, But We Are Competitors Too” – Bubba Wallace sets the tone of his relationship with Kurt Busch

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While a NACAR team might consist of many drivers, but when it comes to winning, drivers will go for it even if it comes at the cost of their teammate. 

After all, you are not only racing for team stats but for yourself first with the main aim of winning the championship. However, being in a team also means that you get to learn from the winning driver in the team and strive to improve for future races. That’s what Bubba Wallace wants to achieve with Kurt Busch in the 23XI Racing team.

“He’s definitely ahead of me. Been able to learn from that and play catch up as quick as I can,” Wallace said. “He’s going to push me to be better. We are teammates, but we are competitors too, and so when he beats me or vice-versa, we’re going to be like ‘What’s different? What did you do, your team do or what did we do’. That’s how we grow together.”

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After just one season in operation, 23XI Racing decided to expand to a two-car team with Busch as their second driver. While Wallace opened his win account, but the experience and past success of Busch can be a crucial factor in the growth of the team and Wallace too.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to have conversations with him. Get to know him as a person, definitely a joy to be around. It’ll be interesting to see once the season ramps up, how that dialogue will continue to grow. The dynamic between our teams as we continue to grow in the sport.”

The 2004 champion has shown that he is not yet done with racing in the elite level with his win at Atlanta Motor Speedway last season. The relationship between the two drivers will create an atmosphere of healthy competition between the drivers that can propel 23XI Racing to further glory in the years to come.

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