Matt DiBenedetto is mocked by former sponsor

Matt DiBenedetto is mocked by former sponsor as the driver continues to look for a ride

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Matt DiBenedetto is in a very bad moment in his career. It has been months since the announcement that Woods Brothers Racing would not continue with the driver from the 2022 season, DiBenedetto is still struggling to find a new ride for the upcoming season.

Now he was openly mocked in a Twitter post by a member of the Keen Parts who said that someone from Benedetto’s team asked for sponsorship. Here is the tweet that read: “Tom got a call today from a guy working to get MattD sponsorship … wanting us to sponsor him” but with a  lot of laughing emotion in between.

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Previously, DiBenedetto even said that he was ready to race in the lower Series to continue racing. While he seems to be in a very tight situation right now, SiriusXM’s Daniel Trotta did reveal that DiBenedetto told them that he is speaking to some teams.

“Matty D told us he is getting calls from teams across all 3 series & thats been encouraging for him. Wants to find a team who will allow him to be himself n speak on issues like Religion & Patriotism that he believes strongly in.”

Maybe all is not lost for the Former Wood Brothers Racing driver.

Especially in the current age, it is very crucial that drivers can attract sponsors to get a ride. DiBenedetto has not been the most marketable driver in terms of his performance and his personality in the media. But hopefully, some solution can be reached so that he can save his racing career.

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