Kyle Larson and Cliff Daniels

Crew chief Cliff Daniels reveals his differences with Kyle Larson before their partnership

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Crew chief Cliff Daniels and Kyle Larson are now the Cup Championship-winning duo but initially, they were some differences between them.

Larson completed an incredible 2021 season, where he was the most dominant driver of all, winning 10 races, including the championship. Nobody had thought that the duo of Daniels and Larson would be so potent in their first year together. But here we are, and they have each other to thank for.

However, there were some scepticisms at the beginning of the relation, especially on Daniels part, due to Larson’s history with dirt racing. However, despite the differences, a special bond was formed which laid the foundations for future success.

Speaking about the connection that he had with Larson, Daniels said:

“I don’t know, it was kinda hard to say at first.”

“Just trying to get to know each other, my background was in late model race east and he was dirt cars out west. So, pretty far apart as far as that goes.”

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Daniels then explained that they found common ground in their passion for racing in general.

“It was a lot of fun, just to learn each other and get to know each other, how we both have a very common passion for racing. Of course, we see with him racing dirt all over the country every week and competing at a high level every week.”

“I’m so proud of him and the journey he’s been on to become a Cup champion here today.”

In fact, it can be argued that the time Larson spent during his suspension with NASCAR, racing in different dirt events, made him the complete driver that he is today.

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