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Alex Bowman brings up the “hack” comments made by Denny Hamlin and lessons learnt

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Alex Bowman and Denny Hamlin were involved in an infamous spat during the 2021 season, during which Hamlin called Bowman a “hack”.

If not for Kyle Larson, Alex Bowman would be the driver with the most wins in Hendrick Motorsports team. He finished the season with four wins. However, one of the wins came at the cost of Hamlin at Martinsville, where Bowman spun Hamlin on his way to the victory lane.

It started a bad feud between the drivers, with Hamlin attacking the driver by claiming that Bowman is a “hack” and “terrible”.

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In a recent interview with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Bowman spoke about the 2021 season and brought up this incident.

“Richmond in the spring was really special, and you know Martinsville was definitely exciting. Sold a lot of t-shirts after that deal. Thanks to all the support from the fans on that one,” he laughed.

“Hack,” one of the show co-hosts joked.

“Yep,” Bowman said. “I mean life lesson. If anybody ever is mean to you and calls you names, just put it on a t-shirt and you’ll do alright.”

While Bowman didn’t make it far into the playoffs, he did finish with a respectable four wins, which not many drivers, even Hamlin, could boast. Bowman recently spoke about finding consistency throughout the season and not just for some races and improving in the 2022 season.

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