Alex Bowman chooses trophies over consistency

“Nobody really cared” – Alex Bowman chooses trophies over consistency over the season

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After having contrasting results in the last two seasons, Alex Bowman knows which one he prefers over the other.

Bowman inherited Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 car along with the expectation related to the car in 2020. He performed admirably in his first season with the car, finishing sixth in points. However, he only managed to register one win.

This season was a different story for Bowman. He had four wins, the second-most within Hendrick Motorsports, even better than Chase Elliott. But unlike Elliott, Bowman’s wins couldn’t push him high in the playoffs. In fact, he finished to a lowly 14th place finish in terms of points.

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If Bowman had to choose one season over the other, he says that he would choose the one where he won more trophies because people care more about trophies than consistency. He said:

“Last year (2020), we ended the season really consistent, finished sixth in points, had a really great playoff run, and nobody really cared. It was cool to finish sixth in points, but we only won one race. This year, we won four races, we won a race in the middle of the playoffs, but we finished bad in points — 14th — but we still won four races. So, looking back at it, I’d rather have the four trophies, but it would be nice to be able to figure out the consistency side of it.”

In a certain way, Bowman is right. People will only see success in drivers lifting trophies. But the great drivers are the one who wins trophies while showing consistency through the course of the season. That would certainly be on Bowman’s agenda going forward.

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