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NASCAR legend hits back at a fan for disrespecting his legacy

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After a long NASCAR career with a lot of success in different levels of the sport, Mark Martin has nothing to prove to anyone.

From 1981 until 2013, Martin won a lot of races in different tiers of NASCAR. When he decided to retire, he accumulated 40 Cup, 49 Xfinity and 7 Truck wins. However, one fan was critical of the fact that Martin didn’t win the Cup Series championship.

He remarked this with a Twitter post that he finished 2nd, 6th and never won a championship. Martin didn’t like this post and he replied to this post by reminding this person of the number of races that he has won in NASCAR.

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This kind of conversation happens with a number of NASCAR veterans. The one that comes to mind is Denny Hamlin. We have seen how capable he is, especially in the last two years, when he was one of the two best drivers throughout the season. But then the fact that he hasn’t won the Cup Series championship comes back to haunt him, especially amount the rival fans. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he is one of the best drivers in the series.

And so does for Martin. His record in NASCAR speaks for himself. Some guy can say all the bad things about him in some social media post, but Martin career speaks for itself and nobody can take it away from him.

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