Denny Hamlin raises concern about lack of supplies

Denny Hamlin raises concern about lack of supplies in NASCAR right now

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NASCAR Next Gen car is set to be introduced in the 2022 season, which will bring about new changes in the sport.

Such a change will not only bring about changes in race tracks but also off it too. With the Next Gen car, the teams will not manufacture their own parts but will buy from the designated supplier.

This decision seems to have already caused concern about the NASCAR personnel. And the main concern is whether there will be enough supply at the right time or not.

“We certainly are concerned with supply issues at this point,” Hamlin said. “What I’m terrified of is if we have another semi-lockdown (due to COVID) and those suppliers can’t get the supplies they need to supply to us. We’re on a tight, tight schedule right now. The panic meter is moving.”

Such lack of parts could have further implications as drivers will have to be aware not to race too hard and risk destroying their equipment. And this could lead to a change in strategy among teams, especially the small ones, during races.

Next Gen car comes with much fanfare and anticipation but it is not without its limitations. And NASCAR is working hard to address these limitations. But it is highly unlikely that all of these will be solved before the 2022 season.

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