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“I will never be ‘The King’ or ‘The Intimidator’” – Jimmie Johnson steps down from the GOAT debate

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Jimmie Johnson is one of the most successful drivers in NASCAR’s history but he doesn’t regard himself as equal to two of NASCAR greats.

And this is the guy who has seven NASCAR Championship titles, equal to that of Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty.

When you are famous and talented, many go the way of claiming their own success, and even bragging oneself as the greatest. And it can be strongly argued that Johnson can be considered the NASCAR greatest and many do so. But no Johnson.

He is so humble that he outrightly claims that he will not be as great as Petty and Earnhardt. He said:

“I might’ve won as many championships as Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt, but I will never be ‘The King’ or ‘The Intimidator’.”

“I’m just a guy from California who always wanted to race.”

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Johnson here is quoting Earnhardt’s speech that he made when he equaled Petty’s record of seven titles back in 1994. The Intimidator then said:

“I might’ve won as many championships as Richard Petty, but he’ll always be ‘The King’.”

While Johnson is the GOAT in NASCAR is a debate that will always be there, but there is no doubt regarding his place among the greats of NASCAR. And to see the humble guy he is, it only serves his legacy better.

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