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Kevin Harvick reveals shock retirement talks after the 2021 season

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Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kevin Harvick revealed that there were talks of retirement after the 2021 season.

During the year, there were a lot of rumors that Harvick was going to retire after the end of the 2021 season. Harvick then said that he was not going to retire and even signed a new deal with SHR until 2023.

However, he himself said that those were not just rumors and had some reality to them. Making an appearance at Dale Earnhardt Jr’s podcast, Harvick revealed what was really going on back then.

“I was (done), 2021 was originally ‘it’.”

“As far as you know how it goes, as far as the financial planning, and how life was gonna look…it was all set up.”

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However, Harvick added that there were conversations following up to his decision that led to him extending the contract and not retiring.

“We started having conversations about what we were gonna do next, and that led to ’22, ’23.”

And what made him change is mind is the team that he has at SHR.

“In my case, that’s probably the biggest reason why I still race. I like racing with Rodney, I like racing with my team, I like racing at SHR.”

“And until they all say, ‘I wanna be done with it’, I feel like that’s what I have the most fun with at the racetrack – being with those guys”

Harvick endured a very difficult season in 2021. From being the driver with the most wins and regular-season championship, Harvick could not get a win in the 2021 season.

He will be looking to put 2021 behind and make a strong start in the new season.

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  1. I noticed with Kevin and Joey Lagano both that when the glasses went on while driving in the cars the wins stopped, glasses definitely mess with your depth perception, and it is worse at night.

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