NASCAR next gen car 2022

NASCAR continues to refine Next Gen car with wind tunnel test and further tests

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NASCAR is working hard to make the Next Gen car ready ahead of its scheduled debut in the 2022 NASCAR season.

With less than 10 weeks remaining for the Next Gen era to begin on February 6 in Busch Light Clash at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum., NASCAR is pushing its efforts to refine the car. One of such refinements will come in the form of a wind tunnel test that is scheduled for this Friday.

Additionally, another test, involving one car for each manufacturer is scheduled on the Charlotte Motor Speedway oval on December 10. Further down the line, organizational tests are scheduled for Dec. 15 and 17 at the Charlotte oval, followed by a number of tests in January.

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Previously, NASCAR President Steve Phelps spoke about the efforts to get the Next Gen car race-ready.

“Until it comes out and we’re actually at the L.A. Coliseum, we’re at the (Daytona) 500, with race cars on the racetrack, I’ll continue to be concerned,” he said.

“But, I would say Steve O’Donnell (NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer), (John) Probst (NASCAR senior vice president of racing innovation), Brandon Thomas (NASCAR Managing Director of Vehicle Systems), that group, working with our teams, working with our (manufacturing) partners, have done an incredible job getting us to this point.

“I’m super proud of the group. I think this is a really important milestone for NASCAR. We have to get it right.”

The highly anticipated car however has received a fair share of criticism in the past. But at point, it is certain that Next Gen is the way going forward. Hopefully, all the issues will be sorted out and we will have a wonder 2022 season.

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