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“MJ definitely has a different presence about him” – Kurt Busch in awe of his new team-owner

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23XI Racing’s new driver Kurt Busch was amazed by the aura of the owner of his new team, Michael Jordan.

23XI Racing are making strides forward pretty fast in the NASCAR industry. Established just in the 2020 season, they managed to open their Cup Series win account and have already expanded to a two-car team from the 2022 season.

For the second car, the 2004 champion Kurt Busch was signed. While the 43-year-old driver may be past his best, but he is not a finished driver as his win at Atlanta Motor Speedway last season shows.

Besides, adding a veteran with years of experience in a young team will only make the team better.

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In a recent interview, Busch revealed his meeting with one of the team owner Jordan, and how he felt about the NBA legend.

“I mean he is the GOAT. The situation, the way it all came together, it was this impressive meeting out in Sonoma earlier this summer. Right away, I got along with him. Just with the way he was chill but also presented this aura about him. ‘We will win. We are here to win. This is what this is about,’” Busch remembered Jordan telling him. “And it was like, ‘Yes sir.’ He’s like, ‘Don’t call me sir.’ I said, ‘Alright, let’s win.’”

“It was just easy right away to piece together what the contract is,” he recalled. “Monster Energy was incredibly excited about it. Toyota, they were the ones behind the scenes, kind of pushing for a veteran to jump in the program and move the needle with 23XI. I’ve raced a long time for a lot of different legendary owners and Hall of Famers in NASCAR. MJ definitely has a different presence about him.”

Another owner, Denny Hamlin, previously highlighted the experience Busch will bring to the team and how it will make the team more competitive. With Wallace winning a race in the 2020 season, the team now has strong foundations to build upon for the 2022 season and beyond.

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