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WWT Raceway targeting huge renovations ahead of NASCAR Cup Series debut

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World Wide Technology Raceway will be hosting NASCAR Cup Series race for the first time in the 2022 season.

While WWT Raceway has been hosting NASCAR races since 1997, it has mostly pertained to Xfinity and Truck Series. Having been granted a spot for the 2022 season, multi-year renovation effort at the facility are underway to make the track better for the  June 5, 2022, race.

“The response since the announcement has been very, very strong. The power of the NASCAR Cup Series race can’t be underestimated and the St. Louis region is really embracing it. We’re all preparing to host a world-class event,” said WWT Raceway owner and CEO Curtis Francois.

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As per the CEO, $50 million has already been spent and another $40 million investment is in order for further improvements. Some of the planned developments include infield and hospitality tower, new premium camping sites for fans and upgrade in driver and team owner areas and bolster racetrack safety.

“That’s one thing we felt was important, that when people come out that they understand that this is world-class entertaining for their companies,” Francois said.

With the improvements that they will make, the raceway is expecting to draw large crowds with the 57,000-seat venue to be fully occupied.

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