NASCAR thanksgiving

NASCAR community share their Thanksgiving celebrations

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Many NASCAR drivers, including Chase Elliott, Bubba Wallace and Joey Logano,  shared glimpses of their Thanksgiving celebration. 

After a season of racing, NASCAR is finally having a break until the next season starts in February. Most of the drivers are enjoying time with their families during this break. Especially with Christmas approaching, this time is even more special.

Another special event that passed recently was Thanksgiving. Many NASCAR professionals took to Twitter to share their joy and thankfulness on this special occasion.

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It is nice to see drivers get rest and enjoy their time before they start preparing for another season in NASCAR racing. Next year will be a special and challenging one as Next Gen car is set to be introduced in NASCAR.

Everyone will start on the same foot and the efforts that drivers put in to understand the dynamics of the car will be handy to get the better of others.

But for now, the drivers are in the mood for holidays and Christmas. Let’s enjoy this time before the hectic schedule of racing begins again.

What are Cup Series drivers’ plans for Thanksgiving?

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