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“The guy has not changed” – Kyle Larson praised for his humble nature

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Kyle Larson might have won the highest prize in NASCAR racing but he is a very humble guy despite all his achievements.

Larson went on from being left out of NASCAR to winning the Cup Series championship within just more than a year and a half. While many expected him to take a break away from racing and all the media but given the competitor Larson is, he wouldn’t find himself from racing too much.

After all, when NASCAR suspended him, Larson showed the world his dirt racing abilities. And he has returned to dirt tracks after winning the championship.

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Seeing a Cup Series champion remain as humble as he is surprised his competitor Ryan Bernal, who has raced against Larson a lot in dirt racing events.

“He just hasn’t changed. I mean, he just won a NASCAR championship and then wants to come out here and race a midget.” Bernal said.  “I mean, he does not need to do this, but then he’ll stand out there until the last person leaves signing autographs. The guy has not changed throughout the whole process.”

Some drivers thrive on arrogance but his humble nature will only make fans like him better.

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