What are Cup Series drivers' plans for Thanksgiving?

What are Cup Series drivers’ plans for Thanksgiving?

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With Thanksgiving approaching, some NASCAR drivers shared their plans for this auspicious day.

With the hectic schedule of NASCAR Racing over, NASCAR drivers can finally enjoy some time away from racing and more time with their families. And especially, when there are days like Thanksgiving it makes the holidays even more special.

2020 Champion Chase Elliot was asked about his Thanksgiving plan. He shared that there is one thing he is incapable of doing – making good food.

“I definitely don’t do any of the cooking, that’s my mom’s category of things, so I’ll do whatever she says,” Elliott said.

“She knows my cooking is not good at all, not even existent.”

2021 Champion Kyle Larson explains why he is not a good mentor

For the current champion Kyle Larson, he had to change their traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving by having a turkey to another night due to a race. Well for this year, he has already sorted a new plan.

“We’ll get to spend Thanksgiving at Disneyland and then go race,” Larson said.

The past two champions were open about their plans but there was another driver who didn’t want the media to interfere with his Thanksgiving plans. It is none other than Kyle Busch. His reply to the question:

“None that you need to know.”

We wouldn’t know but Busch would certainly have a good time with his family like other drivers.

“I was accepting of the fact that I probably won’t ever race in it again,” – Larson happy to be given a second chance

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