Kyle Larson on making an impact on NASCAR

“Now that I’m a champion, it’s going to explode” – Kyle Larson on making an impact on NASCAR

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Kyle Larson is the first Asian-American driver to win the NASCAR Cup Series championship and it will certainly have an impact on NASCAR.

From one of his lowest point in his career after being suspended by NASCAR and his team in 2020, Larson turned the disappointment by becoming the driver with most wins in the 2021 season and winning the championship.

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Not only that he is the first Asian-American to win the championship. That status will certainly help NASCAR to increase its presence in the Asian-American community. Larson spoke about the role he has in the Asian community and its importance in NASCAR.

“It’s definitely a great honor to be the first Asian-American to win a NASCAR Cup Series championship. It’s not something that I set out to accomplish in that way. Now that I have, I know that I hold a much bigger role in the Asian community. So I feel like I’m doing something positive for the sport. Bringing new fans to NASCAR so I hope that now that I’m a champion, it’s going to explode. It’s definitely been an honor”

With the level of performance Larson showed this season, his fame will certainly continue to rise in the racing industry. But whether he will able to continue the same form with the Nex Gen car next season remains to be seen.

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