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“Unless we defy physics, the guy out front is going to have an advantage” – Chase Elliot gives his verdict on Next Gen car

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Chase Elliot said that the car starting on the front will have an advantage over the car behind in the Next Gen setup.

After much anticipation, Next Gen is going to make its debut in the coming season. Many drivers have already criticized the car for varying reasons. Elliott has joined the list by saying that the car favors the one starting out in the front.

“I feel like it would be good to learn and kind of see but I feel like we kinda know what it’s gonna be, I mean unless we defy physics, the guy out front is going to have an advantage,” Elliott said.

“I don’t think it matters how many aero ducts or parts or pieces we put on these things, it’s not ever going to give the guy in second an advantage over the guy up front.”

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NASCAR is trying to familiarize a number of drivers and did so in its latest test at Charlotte. There were a number of crashes and drivers spinning out in the test. NASCAR responded by saying that they plan to make the car harder to drive.

Elliott said that with the number of accidents, it will be difficult for small teams.

“How many of these pieces do you want to tear up before we get to Daytona?”

“Because I don’t think everybody has an abundance of these things and/or parts sitting around,” he said.

NASCAR doesn’t want to make Next Gen car “easy to drive”

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