Kyle Busch Nascar Next gen test

Kyle Busch still waiting for his turn in the Next Gen car test

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Kyle Busch was supposed to do a tire test for the Next Gen car but he was unable o as the dates were moved.

NASCAR recently concluded their latest series of Next Gen test at Charlotte but there were some big absentees and one of them was Busch. While he was supposed to make some tire tests earlier this year, but he has not been able to. And it seems that he will have to wait until the tests in December to finally drive the Next Gen car.

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He will follow up the test at Phoneix with another one in Vegas in January.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver has already voiced his displeasure at Next Gen car back in March and is not very fond of it either.

“Yeah, I’ve kind of seen it, but I haven’t driven it,” Busch said.

“From my vantage point, when you take out all of the ability for race teams to be creative and ingenuity, the engineering aspect, everything is gone. It’s just a race of engine development, I guess, that’s all the manufacturers have any say over the new car, is what engine is in it and what their engines do and that sort of stuff.”

But whether drivers like the car don’t matter as it is set to be introduced in NASCAR from next season.

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