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Kyle Larson sheds light on the picture with his dad that has gone viral

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The reigning Cup Series champion Kyle Larson spoke about a picture from 1993 with his dad that has gone viral recently. 

What a spectacular year Kyle Larson had in 2021. From making a comeback in NASCAR to winning the most number of races including the Championship.

Recently, Larson’s father posted a picture of him and a very young Larson and a recent one. This picture has gone viral as it seems like they are trying to recreate the picture of 1993 years later now.

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In a conversation with Bob Pockrass, Larson spoke about the picture but said that he was unaware that they were re-creating an old memory.

“I don’t remember anything about ’93. I remember going to, I think it was some Copper World Classic races. Would have probably been like 4-5 maybe around then. I mostly remember it because of my mom’s pictures that she takes all the time. Didn’t realize we were re-creating anything, or I would have got on his back, than on his shoulders.”

The 2021 champion is enjoying his time off from racing. With the form that he was in 2021, there is no reason to believe that he will slow down next season. But with the Next Gen car coming in, it will be interesting to see how the 2021 champion will do next season.

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