Matt DiBenedetto Twitter backlash

“It’s filled with so much hate and negativity” – Matt DiBenedetto responds to backlash on Twitter

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Matt DiBenedetto spoke about his decision to deactivate his Twitter account and the reason that led to such a decision.

DiBenedetto got himself into controversy by trying to make light of Kyle Busch’s incident. Busch was asked by NASCAR to take the sensitivity requirement after using the R word against Brad Keselowski.

DiBenedetto decided to make a humor on that news by posting on Twitter.

“I feel like living on planet Earth in 2021 is permanent sensitivity training.”

Immediately after his post, DiBenedetto was bombarded with many tweets that criticized the driver for making fun of the sensitive subject. As a result, Wood Brothers Racing driver had to close down his Twitter account.

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Recently, DiBenedetto spoke on that decision and what led him to do so in an Instagram post.

“It’s filled with so much hate and negativity and everyone attacking everyone for everything,” DiBenedetto said.

DiBenedetto lamented in the post that opposing views are not taken well by people these days, which for him is the “beauty of our country”.

The driver’s current contract with Wood Brothers Racing will expire at the end of the season and he is still looking for a ride for the 2022 season. It has been indicated that DiBenedetto is ready to make a step down to Xfinity or Truck series to keep up his racing career.

Matt DiBenedetto Twitter account disappears following R word controversy

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