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Rick Hendrick savagely replies to Denny Hamlin for calling Alex Bowman a hack

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Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick didn’t like that Denny Hamlin called Alex Bowman a hack and came in defense of his driver.

Hamlin had the lead in the playoffs race at Martinsville Speedway and was so close to victory only for Bowman to deny him. It was not the fairest of win as Bowman’s car made contact with Hamlin’s thereby making it to spin. As a result, Bowman went on to win the race.

Hamlin was frustrated with Bowman’s actions and called him a hack after the race.

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In this light, Hendrick came in defense of his driver and pointed the fact that Bowman has more wins than Hamlin this season.

“Describe a hack. I don’t know what a hack is,” Hendrick stated. “Look, [Bowman]’s won four races this year. Denny’s won two.”

“I think Denny just lost it Sunday,” Hendrick explained. “Alex races everybody clean. He’s a good soldier. The sponsors love him. The crowd loves him. I think when you’re in the middle of a disappointment and you’re frustrated and mad, you might say things that you wouldn’t say normally.”

If he’s a hack, I’d like to have more of ’em,” Hendrick said.

The good thing for Hamlin is that he is in the Championship 4 race and Bowman is not. However, he is still looking for his first championship title of his NASCAR career.

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