Matt DiBenedetto R word controversy

Matt DiBenedetto Twitter account disappears following R word controversy

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Matt DiBenedetto got himself into controversy by trying to make a joke on the Kyle Busch Sensitivity training requirement.

It was first Busch that was in the limelight for the use of his language at Brad Keselowski after the playoffs race at Martinsville Speedway. It was specifically the use of R word that got Busch into trouble who wanted to “beat the shit out of” Keselowski.

Busch was told to undergo sensitivity training before the start of the 2022 season due to his behavior. As for him, Busch apologized for the use of his language in a Twitter post.

Kyle Busch will be required to complete sensitivity training before the start of the 2022 season

DiBenedetto found the situation funny and decided to make a joke about it. He tweeted to Bob Pockrass’s post that Busch was needed to perform the sensitivity test.

“I feel like living on planet Earth in 2021 is permanent sensitivity training.” DiBenedetto wrote in the Tweet.

Matt DiBenedetto R word

While he tried to justify his action as an effort to “bring light hearted humor to our crazy world”, his Tweet was not taken lightly in the social media world. As a result, he has to close down his Twitter account for now.

It will come as a blow to DiBenedetto who has been trying to find a sponsorship for the next season as he is without a ride yet.

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