Kyle Busch hits out at NASCAR package

“It’s a joke” – Kyle Busch hits out at ‘terrible NASCAR package

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Kyle Busch was not happy with the NASCAR Cup Series package for intermediate tracks at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Texas is one of the track where the 550-horsepower package is used. Busch has previously expressed his discontent with the Next Gen cars and even said that it is a “step in the wrong direction.” He was critical of the package used in Texas too and was heard saying on the radio:

“Race fans, if you enjoy this accordion-style racing, please send your email to … (audio ends).”

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His complain was directed to chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell. In response, the Joe Gibbs racing driver was asked if his trouble was with the tires, Busch replied:

“No, the package. Every time you run somebody down, then they accordion you backwards, and then you run them down, and then they accordion backwards. It’s terrible. It’s a joke. But sign me up for more, I guess.”

While the package might have given him trouble throughout the race, Busch still managed to finish eight in the race, thereby keeping his hopes of making it into the Championship 4 race alive. He is currently occupying the last spot with eight points above the fifth placed driver.

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