Harvick feud with Elliott

“He should figure out how to take the same car and run as fast as the 5” – Harvick continues verbal feud with Elliott

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Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott have got themselves in a very nasty feud and there is no stopping anytime soon.

It started last month in the Cup Series playoffs race at Bristol and the driver are taking every opportunity to get one over the other.
From sharing heated arguments after the race or in their interviews to trying to wreck each other on the track, Harvick-Elliott rivalry has been the talk of the Cup Series in the playoffs.

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The situation has gone so far as that NASCAR intervened to make the drivers aware that they will face severe punishment if they pursue their rivalry on the track any further.

Elliott made fun of the situation that he advanced to the playoffs and Harvick didn’t after the Stewart-Haas Racing’s driver elimination from the playoffs.
After the race at Texas, Harvick was again asked about the incident of the past week to which he replied:

“I’m still baffled that he’s worried about me. I had no chance to win a championship. Looks like he should figure out how to take the same car and run as fast as the 5.”

By comparing him to Kyle Larson, Harvick probably meant to show Elliott that he was not even the best in his own team.

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12 thoughts on ““He should figure out how to take the same car and run as fast as the 5” – Harvick continues verbal feud with Elliott”

  1. Rainey Hetznecker

    Harvick should keep his mouth closed, if Stewart had his way Harvick would be number 2 behind Larson right now.

  2. sean rory shanahan

    Chase was just plain wrong. you never when your laps down interfere with the leaders. I don’t care if Harvick gave him the flat tire. Chase has all the fans but there all wrong . it was a spoiled brat move and he was lucky he was given everything. can you imagine if when Larson came to NASCAR had he got hooked up with Hendrick from the start. nobody would have ever heard of Chase.

    1. Your just hurt cause chase Elliot is a better race. Harvick got scared and crashed his car. Come on now he couldn’t take it with chase cause he’s younger and a better racer than him.

  3. He wasn’t laps down. He was on the lead lap and had every right to stay there. A yellow would have bunched the field back up giving him a chance to improve his position.

    1. Check your research, he was three laps down when he came out of the pits, he was 2 laps down after he passed Harvick on the track, you can not pit under green at Bristol and not loose at least 1 lap, usually 2 laps. Then he slowed down, blocking Harvick, by staying just in front of Harvick, racing .

      1. If I would have been Chase I would have put Harvick in the damn wall for blatantly citing my tire down Harvick has always tried to be a bully because he felt he should act that way because he was chose to try and fill Dale SR’s seat but had Dale not have crashed a Daytona no one would have heard of Kevin he knows he is washed up and at the end of his career so he’s feuding with the most popular driver to keep his name out there and keep people talking about him because he can’t win the same way nascar is pushing Bubba Wallace down every one’s throat but that’s a whole other subject

    2. If he was on the lead lap when Larson passed him, why did he finish 25th 2 laps down?He affected the out come of the race MWR got severely penalized for that years ago. While it is all water under the bridge now, Harvick is not in the playoffs, and that is the result.

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