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“That’s something that is concerning” – Logano the latest driver to raise concern about the Next Gen car

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Joey Logano is the latest driver to point out issues with NASCAR Next Gen car that is set to debut in the 2022 season.

The latest Next Gen car test came after the Cup Series playoffs race at Charlotte Roval on the same track. While previously drivers have pointed out to the heat and steering issues in the car, Logano is fine with it and even said that “you can line us up and go” for the race.

However, he has an issue with the fact that the parts and pieces of the Next Gen car won’t be manufactured by the teams but rather comes from the suppliers.

“You didn’t build them, so it can be on somebody else’s quality control that you may not control, so we’ll have to go over every piece ourselves before we put the things on the race car because we’re not building the parts and pieces anymore. That’s something that is concerning,” he said.

“You want to make sure you have something on there because the last thing you want is to be racing for a championship at Phoenix and all of a sudden your steering rack takes a dump on you.

“Things like that are probably the most concerning to me at this point that we have to make sure is right because we don’t want our championship story to come down to something like that.”

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But the Team Penske driver was happy that the test came right after the Cup Series race, which helped him to see the differences in the cars used.

“I think everyone will probably agree, you can brake a lot deeper into the corner. Another big piece is that when you overshoot a corner right now, you start wheel-hopping with the truck arms and all that, it seems like (the Next Gen car) just locks the rears up and you just let your foot off the brake and it comes back,” Logano said.

“It doesn’t bounce off of itself like the truck arms have in the past, so there are some pretty key differences there that the driver will have to adjust to, and then obviously as you start working on this car. It’s underdeveloped at the moment.

“It’s brand new to all of us. We have no data. We have no sim tools really to go off of to figure out what we want to do, so that’s what we’re doing is try to grow that database by making changes to the car and seeing if it’s better or not.”

All in all, Logano thinks that especially on the road courses, the car is not far off. However, there will be more changes to be made before the Next Gen car hit the track for competitive action.

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