Kevin Harvick to be suspended

Kevin Harvick to be suspended for his feud with Chase Elliott?

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Kevin Harvick could face suspension in NASCAR’s bid to discipline the Stewart-Haas Racing driver on his ongoing feud with Chase Elliott.

The rivalry started at the Cup playoffs at Bristol Motor Speedway, where Harvick blamed Elliott for costing him the win. The SHR driver retaliated at Charlotte Motor Speedway by making contact with the No. 9 car and sending him to the wall. As a result, the rear of the car was damaged.

However, it was Elliott who came better in the end as he qualified for the Round of 8 and Harvick didn’t. It is the first time since 2014 that Harvick failed to make it to the Round of 8.

After the race, Harvick spoke of his feud with Elliott but didn’t say that the feud was over and said that Elliott learned real-life lessons.

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NASCAR is keeping tabs on the situation and it could even result in a punishment for Harvick. Scott Miller, senior vice president of competition said:

“I don’t know if we’ll have them together or talk to them individually to see where they are right now, but we don’t need that continuing on, and we will do what we think is necessary to kind of get that one calmed down. … We don’t want to park anybody. We want all the fans to see the drivers that they came out to see. That will try to be a last resort. If we keep seeing things then we absolutely will have to take some sort of action there.”

Hopefully, Harvick won’t retaliate any further in the upcoming races as he has nothing to lose but Elliott is still vying for the championship.

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9 thoughts on “Kevin Harvick to be suspended for his feud with Chase Elliott?”

  1. To suspend Kevin Harvey Would be the dumbest thing they do it’s bad enough that people stop watching from all the stuff that they’ve changed and done It’s not racing anymore Making 3 stages of the race Calling it a playoff its Dumb It’s a racing championship not a play off suspending Kevin harvick would be it

  2. I think nascar is favoring chase Elliott they should have done something to Elliott for blocking Harvick from winning at Bristol and who is Kyle Bush for talking she about anyone

    1. Maybe harvick should stop being a cry baby . He was not gonna out drive Larson that day or any over day for that matter .

    2. I do think nascar is favoring chase and trying to make him another jimmy and he is not and will never be.

  3. Harvick is one of the best drivers out there you park him it be over for nascar the young guns has to learn Some way harvick will sure show them the way 😆

  4. Get rid of cry baby harvick all togethar he causes dhit himself and for others cheater loud mouth . And he doesn’t send a role model for kids . And nascar is losing fans and going yo continue to . Richard D

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