NASCAR Cup Series will have a new team from the Euro Series for the 2022 season

NASCAR Cup Series will have a new team from the Euro Series for the 2022 season

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The NASCAR Cup Series is set to have a new team in 2022 as contenders from the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series have confirmed the intent to field a car on a part-time basis.

Team Hezeberg will be partnering with Toine Hezemans and Dutch entrepreneur Ernst Berg. Mooresville, the North Carolina-based Reaume Brothers Racing will offer technical support.

No. 27 Ford Mustang will be driven by 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series winner Loris Hezemans who will compete in all road course races and, when officially approved by NASCAR, potentially some oval events. The goal is to be approved to compete on all ovals by 2023.

“For me, both as an owner and a driver, making it to Cup has been a goal of mine,” Josh Reaume stated in a team release. “Being able to finally achieve that goal as a small team, is a huge step for me personally, it’s a huge step for the growth of our program, and I honestly don’t know if I can think of a pair of drivers behind the wheel who could make me more excited.”

The official unveil came in a press conference at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday morning.

“The introduction of the Next Gen car by NASCAR is at the core of our decision to build a team and join the NASCAR Cup Series,” Toine Hezemans said. “This new concept is the perfect challenge for us, and the model NASCAR built around the Next Gen car makes the American market even more interesting, generating opportunities for a team to prosper.”

“With Toine we have a long friendship that stemmed from our experience in racing,” said Berg. “During my further entrepreneurial life, there has been involvement in the commercial side of Formula 1, which gave me familiarity with the sport.

“Toine’s friendship over the years and his phenomenal input in the sport inspired me to pick up on an automotive collaboration we had in the past and NASCAR with the Next Gen inspired us even more to take the challenge of being involved. Now let’s see what we can make of it — we believe we can revive the tremendous fun we had in the past.”

Hezemans and Jacques Villeneuve will drive a Next Gen car at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval test on October. 11 and 12.

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  1. It is better to have a close bond in a team, and various tactics can be used. All that is said here explicitly in this blog, and people should read it. I have also given it a thorough look.

  2. The introduction of a new team here was somewhat necessary, and it’s great to see that such an introduction is finally taking place. It’s about time then that such an introduction paves the way.

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