Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba Wallace haters

“Grow up” – Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba Wallace haters

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Bubba Wallace earned his first Cup Series victory at the Talladega Superspeedway under irregular circumstances.

The race was cut short due to the weather conditions and Wallace, who was the leader at that point, was declared the winner.

Hamlin was very pleased with Wallace’s victory and even claimed that the win is special than he would have won. Other drivers, including Joey Logano, were pleased with Wallace’s win too and asserted that it was a deserved win.

However, not everyone thinks that the 23XI Racing’s driver win was totally deserved. To those critics, Hamlin urged them to grow up.

 “People just really need to grow up. It’s just so bad that they’re just going to find, when they don’t like something. For whatever reason, that’s just the way it is. If they’re not going to like it, it doesn’t matter whether you paint the picture just how they want it. It’s still not going to be good enough.”

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Hamlin had some piece of advice for Wallace regarding the haters. It might not be possible to change them even if you do things the way they like. So, the best way is to not take their criticism too seriously as much that it affects your performance.

“That’s kind of the feeling, in which I talked to Bubba before the season started. Try not to use haters as fuel. Forget them, you’re never going to make them happy. If you think performance will change haters’ ideas, just go look at my timeline. You would think I’m the worst driver in the series, if you looked at some of my comments.”

After all, it is your fans that matter. Instead of spending energy proving the haters wrong, which as per Hamlin will never change, the driver should take motivation in his fans and those who support him.

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2 thoughts on ““Grow up” – Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba Wallace haters”

  1. I don’t hate anyone, I was Bubba biggest supporter, and early on too. I just couldn’t support the lies he allowed to continue about his home track of Talladega. I think it has all become a woke joke, However I wish him all the best.

  2. I have no problem with Bubba per say, congrats on the win at Talledega! That doesn’t make you a star and so far all other racing has been mid pack at best. Seems to me outside of this win I don’t see much in the way of anything Bubba has to offer other than mid pack or farther back performance. But if HE is your guy, then I’m happy for you and the company..

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