NASCAR announcer faced backlash

“Needs to be fired” – NASCAR announcer faced backlash for his controversial statement related to Bubba Wallace

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NBC NASCAR announcer Rick Allen came under criticism for a comment he made during the Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Bubba Wallace won the race as it was cut short due to rain. It was his first career playoffs win. While Wallace will now remember the track due to his first Cup victory but last season was a different story here.

A garage pull rope was found in Wallace’s garage and it led to the FBI investigating the matter. The investigation led to the conclusion that no hate crime was committed. As a matter of fact, the rope was not even directed towards Wallace.

However, referencing this incident, NBC NASCAR announcer Allen said that Wallace had to deal with “racial slander in the garage” at Talladega last year. For his comments, he was criticized on Twitter by a number of users.

Allen later apologized for his mistake, reflecting that he didn’t intend any harm to Wallace or anyone in the situation.

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1 thought on ““Needs to be fired” – NASCAR announcer faced backlash for his controversial statement related to Bubba Wallace”

  1. While I understand the issue these people are bringing up I disagree with it. This was a major story all last season it gained national “NEWS” not just sports news. I agree that it was way over blown and the investigations showed it was not criminally motivated nor was it motivated directly at Wallace. I do however think that Allen has to mention it. This is the race track that happened at. and this is his home state track. It adds to the story. If Allen had clarified his comments he would have faced the same kind of backlash only 100 times louder. He was being very respectful of the story. I think he could have said something like While the FBI found no direct evidence that the rope was meant to be a target toward Wallace this still would be very difficult of a line to walk.

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