Michael Jordan is proud after Bubba Wallace’s victory

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Michael is proud of the victory of his team.

Michael Jordan is overjoyed that Bubba has reached the first victory of his career. Wallace thus brought the first victory for the 23XI racing team founded by the legendary basketball player.

Bubba Wallace first black driver winner after 58 years

“I’m so happy for Bubba and our entire 23XI Racing team.”From the day we signed him, I knew Bubba had the talent to win, and Denny and I could not be more proud of him. Let’s go!”

We saw an amazing race in Talladega last weekend. We could not watch the drivers on Sunday due to bad weather conditions. Due to the rain that was falling, we watched the race only on Monday.

The drivers and the fans were no luckier on Monday either. The weather conditions were not suitable again and the race was interrupted. At that moment, it was led by Bubba Wallace, who in the end took the final victory. Surely the dark-skinned driver wanted to get to the first one to win differently. Despite this Wallace is proud of the team founded by celebrated Chicago Bulls basketball player along with Denny Hamlin.

Michael brought Kurt Busch to the 23XI racing team

“It’s Talladega. It’s his home state. Everything that happened at Talladega last year. Things that Bubba didn’t ask to happen but he had to go through it,” Hamlin said of the win, which took place at the same track where a rope tied into a noose-like knot was found in Wallace’s garage last summer, sparking an outpouring of support from the NASCAR family. It was later determined that the knot had been there for some time and wasn’t directed at Wallace, which led to unfounded allegations from some that the incident had been a publicity stunt.

This season, only Wallace drove for Jordan’s team. The situation will be different next year. Another driver joins his team. Kurt Busch will be driving for 23XI Racing next season. The veteran of this sport will thus join Wallace in the mentioned team.

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