Denny Hamlin Next Gen car

Denny Hamlin raises concern about more wrecks with the Next Gen car

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Denny Hamlin is of the opinion that the Next Gen car will see more wrecks and there is a lot of things to be changed.

The 2021 NASCAR season is slowly inching towards the end. But as the season ends, there will be preparation and excitement for the next season. One reason to be excited is certainly the debut of the Next Gen car, after a year delay.

The highly anticipated series will certainly add and change the dynamic of racing in NASCAR. Drivers will have to get used to it quickly and those who figure it out sooner will have the advantage. Hamlin stressed that the simulation doesn’t exactly give as much insight into the car and real-time practice will be very valuable.

While the excitements are high, but so are concerns. One of the concerns, for now, is the number of crashes that the car could lead to.

“This thing is an entirely different machine,” Hamlin said. “There will certainly be more wrecks, no question. That’s fantastic but I can’t f***ing see.”

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However, it is not the only issue pointed out by Hamlin, As the cars are one and a half inches lower to the hood, the design could prove to be difficult for racing. Hamlin stressed that a number of things need to be figured out before February.

“We are the steak and the floorboard is the grill. We cook from the bottom up. NASCAR will work with the teams to figure out some of these design issues. Getting all the stuff in time scares me. We are going to be running around in circles in February.”

Focusing on the present season, Hamlin is peaking at the right time. After going winless in the regular season, he already has two playoff wins and is primed to make the Championship four race.

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