Chase Elliot does not feel the pressure to defend the title

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Chase Elliot does not feel the pressure

Chase Elliot is defending the title he won last year. He does not feel any pressure to defend that title. Last year he was in a similar position as this season. He eventually won the title. He still has a chance to defend the title. We expect a very exciting end to the season in the NASCAR Cup Series. On Sunday we will watch the race at Talladega Superspeedway. We can expect a great race, considering that the mentioned track is one of the most difficult. Hopefully, there won’t be incidents like in some previous races.

“At some point in the final 10 (races), you’re going to be faced with a tough situation, whether it’s in the first round or if you make it to Phoenix – that’s an elimination race, really all it is,”.

“So, I think the more you can embrace those moments and enjoy them, the better you’re going to be. And I feel like our team stepped up and did that last year. We learned a lot about ourselves and just how much we can enjoy and thrive in those situations.”

Chase ranks sixth in playoffs

Chase currently ranks sixth in the overall standings. He currently has 22 points more than the first driver below the cutline. He was about to celebrate in Las Vegas last weekend. Last season, he took fifth place in the race at Talladega. He then won in Charlotte and advanced to the next round of the playoffs. He then managed to record two more victories and thus win the title. Elliot thinks he is driving even better this season than the previous ones. He would like to repeat the result from the previous season, although he does not feel any pressure. Such a relieved Elliot could reach the top result again.

“But, honestly, I feel like we’ve run better this year than we did last year up to this point. I don’t know why our results don’t necessarily show that, but I feel like we’ve been stronger at certain tracks that we’ve typically struggled at.”

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