Kyle Busch blasts rival Cup Series team

“Piece of S**t” – Kyle Busch blasts rival Cup Series team

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Compared to last season, Kyle Busch is in a good position. He is currently third in the Series standings and it seems that he will easily make it to the next round of the 2021 Cup Series playoffs.

Back in the last race at Las Vegas, his home soil, he finished third. While the Joe Gibbs Racing driver was happy with the team’s performance, he didn’t take a few things lightly.

In the post-race interview, the two time Cup Series champion could not conceal his frustration about the on-track incident with a lapped car. But he was calm in the interview compared to the anger he had during the race as he shouted on the radio:

“I got into the fence again. … Piece of s***, Rick Ware motherf*****.”

The last race was a milestone for both Kyle and his brother Kurt. It was Kyle’s 600th start in the Cup Series and 750th start for Kurt. Racing at home, Kyle would have certainly liked to get a win there and solidify his position in the playoffs.

However, it was not to be as Denny Hamlin came victorious in the race. Reflecting in the end, Kyle was always chasing the leaders for most of the race.

The lapped car of Cody Ware didn’t make things any easier for Kyle neither. Racing for the third position with his teammate Martin Truex Jr. with 25 laps to go, the No. 51 car pushed Kyle to the outside wall when the Joe Gibbs Racing driver had moved around the outside of Ware’s car.

While Busch had two Cup race wins this season, he is still looking for his first playoff race win of the 2021 season.

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  1. Does Joe Gibbs ever get tired of baby sitting his drivers? He should put a pacifier in Truex,, Busch, and Hamlin’s car in their soft night night blanket.

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